About Photography

I have long admired the work of botanical illustrators, from the earliest such as Ferdinand Bauer, to the contemporary such as Leonie Norton. Their artwork magnificently captures the unique beauty and characteristics of the birds, plants and animals of this country. In my 'Enigmatic Botanicals' work, I am striving to create photographs of plants, flowers and leaves with a style that is reminiscent of some of these illustrations. I take special delight with flora that is indigenous to Australia. In trying to blur the line between paintings, illustrations and photography, I like to think that my photographs, are a complimentary tribute to the enchanting work of those pioneering botanical artists and their present day colleagues. My approach does not use multiple exposures or Photoshop to achieve the distinct detail of my subjects. I prefer a plain, pale background to emphasise this detail and avoid distracting from it. Simple, basic photography with powerful illumination describes almost all of my Enigmatic Botanicals from the early 1990s, to my current series of ongoing botanical art.

The climate here in South Western Australia means that there are always many plants in bloom. The eucalyptus trees look different from season to season. I am also working on a series capturing astoundingly beautiful bark shedding, textures and colours titled, 'Barking Mad'. In every season birds, insects and all manner of creatures surround us. Every typical suburban garden is teeming with life and the most unlikely and neglected suburban reserves, are full of beauty, just waiting to be found and enjoyed. Life here is loud. The raucous parrots, Kookaburras and cicada’s still sound like the soundtrack for an adventure film about a tropical paradise, to my Canadian prairie raised ears. The nightime frog calls can be even more clamorous than all the daylight noisemakers put together. Life here is bright, from gloriously dazzling, to harsh and unforgiving. Here in Western Australia, azure skies are so dependable for most of the year, an overcast day seems a treat. A rest for the eyes, as well the chance to see the frogs, flowers, trees and animals in rare, soft light. Recently my husband and I have been able to travel and see some of Western Australia. Finally exploring outside of Perth we have been facinated by the diverse beauty in this state. My favourite past time is photographing the wlidlife and beautiful scenery we have visited. I hope I have been able to convey some of the wonder and beauty in this country through my photographs.